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In public, he's a serial deceiver.

In private, Dave Reichert unleashes his

true MAGA self. 


Reichert is desperate to divert attention from his extreme,

far-right agenda and is even willing to lie to hide the truth. 


But the truth prevails, always.


From his decades-long war on abortion rights to his close friendship with Donald Trump, Reichert reveals his true colors.

During Reichert’s decades-long war on reproductive health care, he:


  • Voted multiple times, including as recently as 2017, in favor of a federal abortion ban that would have criminalized doctors.

  • Voted twice against amendments that would add an exception to federal abortion bans to protect the health of the mother.

  • Voted nearly twenty times to block federal funding for Planned Parenthood and affordable abortion services. 

  • Voted in 2016 to allow health care providers to deny patients an abortion.

  • Voted to make it a crime to help teens seeking abortions travel across state lines to avoid parental notification laws. 

  • Voted several times, including as recently as 2018, to restrict access to contraception.

  • Voted AGAINST legislation that would protect women from being fired at work for getting an abortion or using birth control. 

Dave Reichert cannot be trusted to protect abortion rights in Washington  —  especially if his buddy Donald Trump is elected and passes a nationwide abortion ban.


Behind closed doors, Reichert tells his supporters how Republicans can “unravel” abortion access in Washington.

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As recently as last year, Reichert says he believes life begins at conception.



Reichert says he supports pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions — but not before interrupting his opponent, a woman.

Dave Reichert told his MAGA supporters behind closed

doors he’ll vote for Donald

Trump in 2024.  Even since

Trump became a convicted felon, Reichert has stood by


In Congress, Reichert did everything Trump told him to do — voting over 92% of the time with the disgraced former president. Together, Reichert and Trump supported:


  • Banning abortion and limiting access to birth control

  • Repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

  • The Trump Tax Scam that cut taxes for the ultra-rich — which Reichert helped write!

Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0

So we can hold Reichert accountable

Reichert tells supporters behind closed doors he “love[s] Donald Trump’s policies” and brags about their relationship.



Despite his MAGA bona fides, Reichert is staying quiet in public and only sharing his feelings with supporters behind closed doors — because he admits he knows he can’t win in Washington if he tells voters he supports Trump.

This is all part of Reichert’s plan to impose his MAGA agenda — and if you don’t believe us, you can hear it from Reichert himself.


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